Basis for the „SKULPTOUR“ are the international sculpture symposia that take place at intervals of three years in Horsten / commune Friedeburg. (Ostfriesland).

In the centre of the village up to six well-respected artists create six large-sized oak sculptures with the support of the local inhabitants in a term of ten days.

The sculptors get a full repay of their travel expenses, free accommodation and catering, and additionally they get 1000 Euros for their work and effort.

All the participants are invited personally. The contacts are made by the local sculptor Thorsten Schütt, when meeting other collegues at different symposia. Teamwork and communication among each other along with the interested audience are important for the organizers.

Those objects made in Horsten stay in this region as a permanent loan of the artists. The sculptures are not for sale,and the rights stay reserved by the artists. The taking-part-in communes and towns are allowed to use these objects and the project product „SKULPTOUR“ werben.

According to the agreementbetween the organizers and the various artists the sculptures will be set up with a safe concrete foundation at determined places. The participating commune is responsible for the costs referring to the installation, the signposting and the care that might be necessary. Questions of design and installation of the signposting are to be discussed with the local authority parks department of the commune Friedeburg.

Each of the works is made of oak to ensure a long durability. Clearly visible paths will be developed, so that they can be used by bikers and walkers (and maybe for car drivers too). In so doing a kind of ‘open air gallery’ was founded and this path network of sculptures is available for visitors without any costs and at any weather.

The symposium is promoted by posters, invitation cards, flyers and the local press and radio- and TV- stations.

While the symposium takes place this year, documentations of previous symposia can be bought and even T-shirts and posters as well. The documentation about the current symposium will be published in about one and a half year.

Communes, towns and sponsors will have this documentation in stock, so that they are able to sell these copies at a low price. The proceeds from the sale are meant to support the following symposium.

The already existing sculpture-map of walks- ‘Skulpturen unter freiem Himmel’, which can also be used by bikers, is replenished every two or three years.

In collaboration between the ‚Bürgerverein Horsten e.V.‘, the commune Friedeburg and sculptor Thorsten Schütt the symposium is organized and hosted.

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